Books Worth Reading …Leo, Susan and the Gilt Girls

It’s been awhile since I have actually taken a book out and read it…a book other than 50 Shades of Grey that is. Maybe it’s the cold weather and warm blankets that are putting me in a more scholarly mood.

I forgot how much I like books and adding to my collection. There is just something about holding a hard cover book and smelling the pages that a kindle or iPad just can replace. Sorry hubs, my book hoarding continues with these new additions:

Anna Karenina by Leo Tolstoy
I am a sucker for aristocratic stories. Now that this is a movie with Miss Kiera Knightley I want to read the book before the movie. Now lets see if I can get through all these pages.

By Invitation Only: How we Built Gilt and Changed the Way Millions Shopped
Gilt is a nonstop inspiration board for me. I love the story, I love their model, and I love the way they present their ideas from the goofy tech side of Gilt to they way they update the look and feel of their site. Oh and high end fashion is involved – enough said

Quiet by Susan Cain

I had the chance to listen to Susan speak at a conference i attended in Boston a few months ago, and the power this quiet little introvert brought was amazing. I came back sharing ideas and advocating to make our offices more conducive to all types introverts and extroverts! I can’t wait to read this.
I am so excited about my husbands new website design at (price alert service for when things go on sale at Amazon) so make sure to check it out!
Oh and I got all 3 books, hardcover and new, for $18…thanks babe!

Walking around San Francisco | Ballet Flats

Living and working in the city is fabulous. Walking around the city is not.

ImageI always thought living in the city would be a nonstop sex in the city episode filled with fancy shoes, taking private cars and taxis, reservations at the best restaurants, and always looking perfectly coifed. This almost never happens….

Instead what does happen is:

– messy hair (due to wind)
– the need to be layered up (thank you random 15 degree temperature drops)
– constantly waiting for cabs
– 2 hour long restaurant waits with no reservation
– your fancy heels get stuck in drain pipes or scraped up while walking on the pavement
– that aroma that lets you know you are in the Tenderloin and need to skidaddle – – hipsters riding their hipster bikes, while wearing their hipster clothes and their hipster practical shoes (and for a split second you contemplate biking)
– trying to find that app you downloaded that promises prompt taxi or car service

So what makes this fun and what shines light at the end of the tunnel, are cute, comfortable (eek did I really just say comfortable and shoes in the same sentence) flats. Yes, flats have now become an essential requirement in my closet!

So here is my roundup. My pick of favorite flats that are chic appropriate, fashion inspired and comfortable for being that city girl. All the classic flats a girl must have that arent too expensive so you won’t cry when you wear them down

1. Beige
Red Valentino – Quilted Leather Ballet Flats

2. Classic Black with an edge
Melter by Steven 
$85 And look they are on sale at the Nordstrom Half Yearly!

3. Metallic
If you must go with Tory Burch then at least go for metallic…Gold is my favorite
Tory Burch Reva Ballet Flat

4. Don’t want black AND beige
London Sole Beige Leather Quilt with Black toecap

5. Bright Colored
Repetto’s are soft, comfortable and come in fabulous colors!
BB patent-leather ballet flats

6. & 7. Skulls or regal
Skulls – Alexander McQueen
Regal – Miu Miu

London Soles – I love the Henrietta in Leopard Prints


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