Yes it is that time of year again, when women put away their skin baring dresses and attempt to dive into winter looks. While some people get giddy over peacoats and sweaters, boots are what motivate me to get up, get dressed, and slosh through the weather…
In this economic predicament that we are in, going overboard and buying 10 pairs of boots is a little gluttonous…Instead, invest in a pair that are classic, timeless, and easy to repair over time (easily replaced heel taps, and polishable).

You don’t want to have the gloss of a glorified prostitute by buying trashy thigh highs, yet you don’t want to look like a tween trying to mimic the pages of Vogue…so instead opt for something a little less…annoying.

Im in love –
Although completely unaffordable and the price of my rent, I have found the perfect pair of black boots. These fancy little Louboutins have no gimmicks or trendy adornments, or crazy colors and materials. Nope…These boots are refined, sexy, and perfect. They don’t even need fancy words to describe them…they are precious… PS: I’m a size 38 in these…

Christian Louboutin
Feticha Botta Platform Boots
Buy Here

Just remember:
Pick out something that is timeless
Can go from office to sex in no time
Can be worn with tights, jeans, and skirts